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For many Australians, their superannuation includes insured benefits to protect them if an illness or disability stops them from being able to work. Your employer already contributes financially to your super, but you may also have insurance for what is known as Total and Permanent Disablement.

However, despite these provisions, gaining access to your entitlements is a complex process that’s often hindered by unwilling insurance agencies. If you’re unable to work, it’s vital that you receive your full benefit as quickly as possible, and that’s where our experienced team at Premier Compensation Lawyers can help.

Our expert superannuation lawyers in Sydney have years of experience between them and are ready to take on your superannuation or TPD case today. Get in touch with us now by filling out our enquiry form and we’ll respond to your query shortly.

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When your benefits are hanging in the balance, having a legal team you can trust goes a long way. You may have already investigated your policy but have become overwhelmed with the complexities and jargon used throughout.

At Premier Compensation Lawyers, we’ll fight your case robustly and examine everything carefully, to ensure nothing is overlooked and you receive your full entitlement. However, we do understand that time is of the essence and our legal team will keep you fully informed of any developments at all times.

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