If you believe that the effects of WiFi, mobile phones, or mobile phone tower base stations have caused injury to yourself, your child/children or a friend, you are not alone. The increasingly widespread use of WiFi across business and government (especially in schools) is a move that goes against the rapidly mounting body of credible scientific evidence which makes increasingly clear that exposure to even low levels of electromagnetic radiation (also known as EMR), which includes WiFi, on an ongoing basis has a wide range of serious adverse health effects.

These health effects can include:

  • ongoing headaches, nausea, sleep disruption, fatigue and decreased ability to concentrate
  • damage to your reproductive organs (including sperm)
  • affecting embryonic and foetal development
  • neurological/neuropsychiatric changes (including affecting mood and learning difficulties)
  • development and function of the brain
  • cell death
  • endocrine changes (such as pancreatic dysfunction)
  • calcium overload
  • increased oxidative stress
  • DNA damage
  • the development of cancers and tumours

As long ago as 2011 the World Health Organisation classified EMR as a class 2B “possible carcinogen” to humans. Since then, the scientific evidence has strengthened, and many scientists around the world are now calling for that classification to be upgraded.

In more recent years it is increasingly well established that there are numerous adverse health effects of EMR, some of which can be immediate (such as for those people with electromagnetic sensitivity), but many of which are not immediate but are cumulative and irreversible.

Children are the most likely to suffer from the damaging effects of EMR due to their developing bodies and longer daily/yearly/lifetime exposure to EMR from all sources, including most hours of the day every school day (which they have no choice but to attend). However, children are not the only ones affected.

In 2015 about 190 scientists and doctors from around the world called for far more stringent requirements on EMR than currently exist in some western countries, including Australia. This group has now increased to over 240 scientists and doctors from 42 countries.

Also in 2015, Lloyds of London, one of the world’s largest insurers, excluded as standard from its policies any EMR injury claims. They did so for good reason, and many insurers around the world have done the same. Even insurers see EMR as a significant claims risk. Any business/government/school not covered by insurance for injury caused by EMR (including WiFi) may be liable for injuries it causes from EMR now and in the future

Numerous countries and regional areas across Europe, and even countries such as Cyprus and Israel, have banned WiFi in schools due to the risk of its damaging health effects upon children. Legal actions relating to EMR in Europe have succeeded, and in Australia, a government worker has successfully sued the Federal government body and obtained compensation for an EMR related injury for nausea, disorientation, and headaches.

As recently as in 2018 a long term study in the United States (Federal Department of Health’s National Toxicology Program) confirmed that there is “clear evidence” that long term exposure to EMR caused a particular type of cancer in rats, with several other types of cancer considered “probable.” The results of this study were replicated by a similar independent study in Italy (the prestigious Ramazzini Institute).

In January 2019 the Italian government has been ordered by its courts to conduct a public awareness campaign regarding the health risks associated with EMR, due to commence in July 2019.

Despite claiming otherwise, Australian government departments (including schools) and businesses have long been on notice of the potential adverse health effects of EMR, including mobile phones, WiFi, and mobile phone base station towers.

Emeritus Professor Anthony Miller, one of the world’s leading experts on cancer, dismisses telco industry and government claims that EMR cannot cause harm as “simply false” and the suggestion that there are no “established” health effects as “misleading”.

If you are concerned about EMR exposure and you think that it may have caused your or your child health problems or injury please contact us to discuss.


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