Superannuation & TPD Claims

Many people have rights to make a claim for insured benefits attached to their superannuation.  Along with the money your employer contributes to super, you may also have insurance cover for what is known as Total and Permanent Disablement.

If you are unable to continue working due to injury or illness apart from claiming superannuation you may be entitled to a TPD claim.  Each policy may be different so when claiming superannuation or investigating a total and permanent disablement claim it is important to provide us with your policy so we can review your entitlements.

Insurers will often decline a claim so you will need superannuation lawyers to assist you when claiming superannuation and/or TPD.

We operate a reliable superannuation claims department to best suit your needs.  Our superannuation lawyers ensure that claiming superannuation and/or TPD each client receives their full entitlement.

It is common these days for people to take out a policy directly with the insurance company for superannuation and/or income protection. For more information on what is TPD, and/or claiming superannuation, please get in touch with any one of our offices today.


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